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Out & About offers services for adults with developmental disabilities during the evenings and weekends.

Out & About's Adult Services are community-based and designed to provide a sense of acceptance among peers, to promote community integration and to enhance participants' quality of life through the development of socialization skills, coordination skills, fine and gross motor skills.​

Catalog Pricing​Quincy and Sandy F.jpg


Green Rate:  The total cost of the activity per day, and amount due for participants paying privately for an activity  not living in Boulder/Broomfield County.

Red Rate:  Amount due for participants who qualify for Boulder/Broomfield County Funding. Paying Privately for an activity and living in Boulder/ Broomfield County. 

Blue Rate:  Cost  in units for participants utilizing Medicaid funding .    

We offer spectator events on alternating Saturdays throughout the year. Spectator events are marked in red on the calendar and specified in the activity descriptions. Spectator events are unfortunately NOT covered by Medicaid. As a result, individuals using SLS, CES or Comp funds will need to pay for the event using out-of-pocket funds. Spectator events require Out & About to purchase tickets in advance. If tickets have already been purchased, the event is non-refundable. Our rates are based on the activity number of hours.

NEW PARTICIPANTS: Out & About's registration process is a multi-step process which starts with the family/provider completing a Participant Information Form (PIF). The PIF provides an opportunity to Out & About to learn about the participant's abilities (i.e. communication, mobility), medical and diagnostic background (i.e. g-tube, autism), emergency information and goals.

Once the completed PIF is received, a member of Out & About's Coordinating Team will contact the family/provider to complete a brief intake. The intake can be done over the phone or in-person and typically takes 15-30 minutes. The intake process allows Out & About to ask questions about the PIF, answer any questions you may have and ensure that Out & About can meet the participant's needs and is a positive fit for the individual.
Once Out & About has determined a positive fit for the participant, a Therapeutic Plan is composed and shared with Out &About Instructors who will work with the participant out on shift. This step must be completed prior to joining our services. In the event that a participant uses a g-tube, oxygen or has seizures, Out & About requires a written protocol be provided prior to beginning services.

Out & About's Catalog Coordinator will confirm that the intake process has been completed, ensure all necessary forms have been received, and establish a start date for services.

The Participant Information Form is linked below in an electronic and printable format. Once the participant is registered, a confirmation letter or packet will be sent with detailed information regarding transportation and activities. Additional forms will be provided as necessary.


Catalog Services

Out & About's Catalog Services are designed for teens and adults aged 16 and over.  Activities include weeknight and weekend classes and outings as well as one-time events. One-time events take place on Saturdays and Sundays each month. Each month, Out & About arranges different events that enable individuals to participate in seasonal activities such as visiting Water World or Idaho Hot Springs, or attending a Valentine's Dance or a Scottish Irish Festival,

Activities are community-based: meaning we offer events and classes that actively encourage community inclusion. Out & About achieves this by keeping our staff ratios small, approximately four participants per instructor, so that we can navigate the community while giving each person a high level of attention and care. Providing community-based services enables our participants to be included in society, as well as enriching communities by encouraging acceptance of all.  However, being community-inclusive does not occur without challenges.​

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Segue is a transitional program geared towards adolescents and young adults ages 16-24 years aimed to ease the transition from childhood to adulthood, especially in terms of Out & About programming. Segue combines aspects of both our Children's Service programs and Catalog programs to help increase independence while in the community, work on financial skills, and develop social relationships among peers!

Segue Letter to Families.docx

Fall 2019 SEGUE Registration Form.docx

Catalog Transportation

Out & About provides the option for participants to be transported from their residence to the activity and back. The cost ​of transportation is listed below.

  • Participants within 5 miles of a base site: $10 each way
  • A participant who lives more than 5 miles of a base site: $12.50 each way
  • A participant who lives more than 10 miles away: $15 each way

There is NO transportation fee charged if a participant chooses pick-ups and drop-offs at the four base sites listed below. Those utilizing base sites will receive an email with the exact meeting time. (If there is a preference for a phone call please specify in your registration)

Out & About reserves the right to change pick-up and drop-off locations based on weather and cell phone signal conditions. 

Looking for an inexpensive transporation option?

​​ ​Basesite ​Address​​Cost
5511 WEST 136TH AVE, 80020
1833 SUNSET PL., 80501
Imagine! Lafayette  COAL CREEK BUILDING
1665 COAL CREEK DR, 80026

Out & About is part of Imagine!, a private, not-for profit corporation that has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities since 1963.