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Downloadable Forms
2019 Summer Camp Information Packet.pdf
The 2019 Summer Camp Information Packet
ASP Letter 2019-2020.pdf
Information Letter to Families
ASP Registration Packet 2019-2020.pdf
Information Packet for ASP 2019-2020
ASP School Year Calendar 2019-2020.pdf
Children's Service Handbook 2019.pdf
Needs to be completed with registration
Children's Service Permission Form Packet
Needs to be completed with Registration
Diastat Plan of Care.pdf
Form  to be completed if your son or daughter might require the use of Diastat while at Summer Camp.
Med Admin Permission.pdf
Form to be completed if your son or daughter will be taking medication while attending Summer Camp.
Participant Information Form 2019.doc
The 2019 Participant Information Form for Out & About
Summer Camp 2019 Registration Form.docx
The 2019 Summer Camp Registration Form in Word document format.
Summer Camp Letter 2019.pdf
The 2019 Summer Camp Introduction Letter
2019 Fall Catalog Publication.pdf
Fall 2019 Activity offerings
2019 Summer Catalog Publication.pdf
Summer Program offerings
Fall 2019 Contact Information Form.docx
Word Doc Contact Information form
Fall 2019 Contact Information Form.pdf
Update Contact Information Form
Fall 2019 Registration Form.docx
Word Doc for Registration
Fall 2019 Registration Form.pdf
To be filled out to register for activities
Fall 2019 SEGUE Registration Form.docx
Word Doc for Segue Registration
Fall 2019 SEGUE Registration Form.pdf
Segue Registration Form
This form needs to be completed if you or the person being registered will be taking medication while attending services at Out & About.
Required form to be completed if taking medication while participating in an Out & About activity.
OA PIF Participant Information Form 2019.doc
Photo Release.pdf
Photo Release in PDF Format
Required Form Flyer.docx
Summer 2019 SEGUE Registration Form.docx

Out & About is part of Imagine!, a private, not-for profit corporation that has been providing supports for people who have developmental disabilities since 1963.